Citizen movement, the political party that championed Abel Murrieta in his electoral career for the municipal presidency of Cajeme, Sonora, blamed Claudia Pavlovich and Andrés Manuel López Obrador for his murder this May 13.

Through a press conference, Clemente Castañeda, president of MC, assured that the Municipal, state and federal authorities have been overwhelmed by the violence that is plaguing the country, specifically against political candidates.

According to Castañeda’s statement, Murrieta’s execution was a attack on democracy, because in his campaign events and social networks he had stated that he would fight the drug trafficker as soon as he reached the mayor’s office.

“Citizens live in fear but, in Sonora, in Cajeme, they went from courage to participation and today, with bullets, they want to condemn them to despair. Abel paid for having said over and over again in his campaign that he had the courage to face the drug lord and that he was going to put order as soon as he got to the mayor’s office.

“Abel’s murder cannot be considered anything but an attack on democracy in Sonora. We hold Governor Claudia Pavlovich and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador responsible for Abel’s death”, Sentenced the political leader.

Until now, AMLO has not commented on the attack. He is expected to make a statement during the morning conference on Friday, May 14.

For its part, Pavlovich made a Twitter thread where he expressed his condolences and he made an energetic call to his Security Table to redouble their efforts and respond with actions demanded by society.

On the other hand, they highlighted that he had the clear conscience, to the extent of fulfilling their duties without a driver or escort, and they assured that during the attack, two companions were injured, for which they were transferred to the hospital where they were reported stable.

Adrián LeBarón demonstrated in networks for the murder of his lawyer (Photo: Alexandre Meneghini / Reuters)

Adrián LeBarón demonstrated in networks for the murder of his lawyer.

Finally, Castañeda highlighted his personal and political career, in which he was husband, father, grandfather, Attorney for Sonora and Deputy Attorney for Preliminary Investigations, as well as Director of Public Security and Secretary of the Government of Cajeme, municipality located to the south of the entity.

This experience in security and justice procurement gave him the opportunity to become the LeBarón family lawyer after the massacre that occurred in Bavispe in 2019.

Thus, Adrián LeBarón manifested himself on social networks and condemned the murder of Murrieta in broad daylight, while he was distributing propaganda for his campaign at the intersection of Guerrero and California streets, in Ciudad Obregón.

During his campaign, Murrieta assured that he would fight the drug trafficker in Cajeme (Photo: Twitter / @ AbelMurrietaG)

During his campaign, Murrieta assured that he would fight the drug trafficker in Cajeme.

LeBarón also made a call to López Obrador, whom He demanded that he act and not let the case go unpunished.

“They killed my defender! Today they cowardly killed whoever decided to defend us legally. What do we call this? Rule of law? What the hell are we doing @lopezobrador_, the country wants us all alive to make a homeland. God bless you, friend Abel, and this does not go unpunished,” he said.

Among the messages posted on Twitter, Adrián LeBarón said he was concerned about the legal defense he will have for the Bavispe case, where Ronita, her daughter, was burned together with her two newborn children. “And now who can defend us,” he declared in one of his tweets.

It should be remembered that minutes before his execution, the former attorney general published a message on his social networks where he declared his intention to eradicate the insecurity that exists in the town of Cajeme. However, this information is only kept on Twitter, as his Facebook profile was recently deleted.

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