The government of Mexico City will request an international expert opinion to find out the causes of the tragic accident in the subway of the Mexican capital that left at least 23 dead after collapsing a bridge on line 12.

“We also inform that the Attorney General’s Office must carry out an expert opinion that began last night, but we are also looking for an international company with a certificate in both metro and structural matters to do an external technical expert opinion and be able to reach to the causes of this unfortunate incident “, declared the mayor of the capital, Claudia Sheinbaum.

At the daily press conference at the National Palace, Sheinbaum explained that so far the figure is 23 dead and 79 hospitalized, the same data that was released a few hours ago.


Of the 23 deceased, two lost their lives in hospitals. Four of the deceased are still inside the collapsed train due to the difficulties of rescuing the bodies.

Among those hospitalized, there are 19 women and 60 men. Three are minors and three are older.

He explained that 490 buses are working in the area on Tuesday to offer mobility to users of this metro line.

The collapse of a subway bridge in Mexico City left at least 23 dead and 70 injured. To see more from Telemundo, visit

Questioned by the press, Sheinbaum insisted on several occasions that the expert opinions will help to find out “what happened.”

“My position is that we must get to the truth about the causes of this unfortunate incident and that for this we need experts from both the Attorney General’s Office and an external and impartial entity that does the expert opinion and all the studies,” he stressed.

Line 12 has been surrounded by controversy since its inception.

Two wagons fell after a structure fell. To see more from Telemundo, visit

It ended on October 30, 2012, when the current Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, was mayor of the capital, then the Federal District.

But it was closed in March 2014 due to failures and reopened from October to November (in several sections) in 2015.

Asked by the press, Ebrard described the incident as the most “terrible” suffered in the subway and expressed solidarity with the victims.

There are already 23 dead in the tragedy that occurred on Monday night.

“I share the outrage that there is, I celebrate the position of the head of government, which is essentially to clarify what happened and second when you clarify what happened with evidence, with elements, because to establish what responsibilities there are, who has responsibility and what action was taken consequently, it doesn’t matter who it is, ”he stressed.

He recalled that the work was definitively “delivered” in July 2013, after a seven-month “review”.

“Beyond those and other data, well tell you that he who acts with integrity should not fear anything, he who owes nothing, fears nothing. But I am subject, like everyone else, but more like a high official and who promoted the construction of the line, I am subject to what the authorities determine ”, he concluded.

The accident occurred around 10:20 pm local time on Monday between the Olivos and Tezonco stations.

In a video of the cameras of the surveillance system of the government of Mexico City it is observed how the elevated structure breaks when the train passes by, which collapses from a height of about 65 feet, and two carriages of the convoy remain in a “V “and impacted with the floor.

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