With the promise of being together on stage in the future, Mexicans Erik and Mia Rubín, father and daughter, celebrate the arrival of their album “Raíces” to digital platforms, a production in which they share their greatest passion.

“For me it was incredible to share my love for music with Mia, many people tell me, it is a gift. There is a very strong bond between the two of us, we have a lot of fun “, Erik assured Efe, about his experience singing with his daughter.

The project was born during 2020 driven by Erik’s wife and Mia’s mother, the host Andrea Legarreta, who suggested they do something with their talents.

It was a live concert in which father and daughter performed emblematic songs of Erik, in his time through the Mexican phenomenon Timbiriche, his successes as a soloist and unreleased songs from the career that Mia begins.

“Since I was little my dad has been an admiration for me, I grew up in the world of music and I think he inherited my passion for it. In addition, it has always been there for me, when I wanted piano lessons, to compose together, it has been a job of both of us “, Mia assures.

Several months apart, the recordings that resulted from this event have reached digital platforms and although in the long term they hope to carry out a “Roots” tour, each one will work to boost their careers as soloists.

“Mia releases the single ‘Flecha’ in a month and a half and I ‘Dron’, the idea is to be able to alternate our projects as soloists and from the album”, apunta Erik.

The 50-year-old singer began his career in the children’s group Timbiriche, a band in which figures such as Thalía and Paulina Rubio also participated. Ten years later he began his career as a soloist and is responsible for songs such as “When you die for someone”, released on his first album.

For her part, at just 16 years old Mia has shown her talent as a singer and actress in musical works such as “Annie”, films such as “The one who seeks finds” (2017) and on television with the series “Silvia Pinal … in front of to you ”(2019).

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