Célida López Cárdenas, mayor of Hermosillo, who is also Morena’s candidate for reelection, criticized the feminist movement and called women who are in favor of abortion “morons”.

Through a video that went viral on social networks, López Cárdenas is observed in a meeting in front of a group of people exposing her controversial statements regarding the termination of pregnancy and stating that women have the decision to “open or close their legs.”

“Sure, you open your legs or close them, you are taking absolute control of your body, right?”, she assures at the beginning of the video.

And she continues asserting and making fun of the symbolism represented by the green scarf: “I listen to them and say ‘and these morons, it is not possible for them to say that’, because if you are the one who makes the decision, and then they want to go aborting, with the green rag at full throttle”.

The Mayor of Morena also called herself a “feminist” and stressed that it is part of the crisis that is experienced every day, however, that does not prevent her from defending women and men alike.

“I am a woman who has always worked defending women but equally, my fight is not against men, and much of it is against me, against myself, I have to overcome my fears, my frustrations, it is not easy, I have four children , I had more for myself ”, she concluded.

Twitter users criticized these comments and questioned their attitude towards this type of situation: “It does not seem strange to me that a politician throws those chauvinistic, misogynistic and ultra-right speeches. But it does surprise me because she is a member of a left party. Better that she go back to the PAN like Mrs. Lilly Téllez”.

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