Throughout the afternoon of this March 31, the story of Leonardo Luna Guerrero, under 13 years of age who, together with their family, traveled from Durango to Quintana Roo to visit a water park; however, it became a tragedy when he died after being sucked into a water filter.

The events occurred on March 27, when “Leo”, as his family knew him, left on vacation from Holy Week to him Xenses park, one of the most recognized places in Grupo Xcaret, in the Riviera Maya.

The family, made up of the father, identified as the doctor Miguel Ángel Luna Calvo, his wife and four children were introduced to the attraction “Salty river”, to jump down the slides.

As they traveled in the left lane, they realized that the duct that sucks the water for circulation had no cover, so Leo and his father were sucked out.

Luna Calvo managed to leave quickly to help her son and seek help, but the Xenses staff did not approach, so nothing could be done in the first minutes, for which the minor apparently died of drowning.

Leo's father commented his story to various journalists and influencers on Twitter (Photo: Twitter / lunacalvo)

Leo’s father commented his story to various journalists and influencers on Twitter.

On Facebook, a woman identified as Mireya Luna, Leo’s alleged cousin, wrote a message to alert what happened to her family, and urged users to share her story so that it does not happen with someone else.

For his part, the father, who is a renowned cardiologist in Durango, shared his story with various characters through Twitter. Chumel Torres, Joaquín López-Dóriga, Javier Lozano, Ciro Gomez Leyva and Carmen Aristegui they were just a few.

In addition, Jose Rosas Aispuro Torres, governor of Durango, wrote a post on his Facebook profile, which was accompanied by an obituary of Leo’s death, where he regretted what happened to the Luna Guerrero family.

“I join in the grief that Dr. Miguel Luna, his wife Hilda Guerrero, and his entire family are gripped by, before the sensitive death of his beloved son, Leonardo Luna Guerrero. I send my sincere condolences, hoping you find strength and comfort in the face of this irreparable loss. Rest in Peace,” he wrote.

After several days without speaking about the event, Parque Xenses issued a statement (Photo: Facebook: Parque Xenses)

After several days without speaking about the event, Parque Xenses issued a statement.

From the moment the accident happened, the official pages of Xenses Park and Grupo Xcaret ignored the fact and they limited themselves to continue promoting the attractions for the holidays.

However, on the afternoon of this March 31, through a statement they issued their position on Leo’s death and assured that they have been attentive to the needs of the family and in communication “to provide the support we can provide”.

“In more than 30 years that the Group has been operating parks, such an event has never occurred. It is important to note that from the moment of the accident, the area was secured and specific measures have been taken, such as the permanent presence of a lifeguard.” Reads the information.

Finally, the Xenses park highlighted that sis conducting the pertinent investigations to reach the ultimate consequences. In this way, they reiterated their support for the family and expressed their condolences.

According to the local media Yucatan newspaper, the family learned of a previous complaint to the park, in folder 1675/2021.

Furthermore, the cardiologist said that he was pressured by the Grupo Xcaret legal team to sign a document granting forgiveness to the company, in order to return Leonardo’s body after six hours of waiting at the State Attorney General’s Office, located in Cancun.

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