María Grever

Google’s tribute to María Grever, Mexican composer reverted by Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse

María Grever: Google pays tribute to the Mexican singer and songwriter

Considered one of the greatest composers in Mexico, María Grever recorded “Ti-Pi-Tin”, a waltz about serenading her loved ones that became one of her biggest hits.

“Thanks for all the music, María Grever. Today he continues to touch a chord with listeners around the world! wrote Google .

Who is María Grever?

María Joaquina de la Portilla Torres, is the real name of the well-known singer María Grever. He was born on September 14, 1885 in León, Guanajuato.

Through the Google Doodle, the company paid a well-deserved tribute to María Grever, a singer and songwriter of Mexican origin who triumphed in the world of entertainment thanks to her incredible skills in music.

“Thanks for all the music, María Grever; Today it continues to touch a chord with listeners around the world! ”, Wrote those responsible for the search engine.

María Joaquina de la Portilla Torres, her real name, is a native of León Guanajuato, where she was born on September 14, 1885, according to the story published by the Mexican Institute of Radio (IMER).

The agency also reported that María Grever is the daughter of Francisco de la Portilla Martínez, an Andalusian merchant, and Julia Torres Hernández from Guadalajara. For this, he had to go to Seville and Madrid, where he received all his education.

Once installed, in full development of her musical skills, discovered at the age of six while singing a Christmas carol of her own, she was sent to Paris, France, to have a meeting with the greats of European music at that time.

Among his great teachers are Claude Debussy, composer, as well as the Austrian musician Franz Lehár, but his training was cut short after the death of his father, so he returned to Mexico, but he did not forget about music: he finished a couple of careers in composition and concert piano.

Years later, when she turned 22, she married León Augusto Grever, an oil executive, with whom she moved to Veracruz to start a family, a territory where she also wrote some of her greatest songs.

However, this tribute in the most used search engine in the world was made in commemoration of the anniversary of the composition of the piece “Ti-Pi-Tin”, one of his greatest successes, written in 1938, according to Google’s Doodle.

Some of his greatest songs, taken up and reverted by great artists from Mexico and the United States, are: “I love you”, “You said”, “When I come back to your side”, “Alma mía”, “You don’t love me anymore”, “Like this”, “I’ll be back”, “In case I don’t see you again”, without forgetting “Swear to me”.

Once settled in New York, with great respect from the entire music industry on both sides of the border, Maria was hired by Paramount Studios and 20th Century Fox, where she turned her career around writing music for movies and documentaries. In addition, he successfully ventured onto Broadway, where he directed music for various musical comedies.

According to IMER, the list of singers who performed his songs is long and includes some widely recognized names in the entertainment industry such as: José Mojica, Andy Russell, Dean Martin, Nicolás Urselay, Bobby Darin, Enrico Caruso, Ray Conniff , Aretha Franklin, Alfonso Ortiz Tirado, Libertad Lamarque, Las Andrews Sisters, Barry Manilow, Bola de Nieve, Tonny Bennett, Sara Vaughan, Gloria Estefan, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Amy Winehouse, Carmela and Rafael, Luis Miguel, Rod Stewart, José Carreras , Natalie Cole, Tania Libertad, Javier Solís, Natalia Lafourcade, Eugenia León and many more.

Unfortunately, he became ill with paralysis in 1948, according to the Mexican institution, for which he died in December 1951. Currently his remains remain buried in the Spanish Pantheon in Mexico City.

Doodles are changes made to the Google logo to commemorate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists; These were born in 1998, thanks to the founders of Google, Larry and Sergey, in commemoration of the Burning Man Festival, according to the official story told on the search engine page.

It was until 2000 that the first design was worked on, then honoring the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille. This design became so popular that they continued with other modified logos that now span different regions of the world as well.

Official figures indicate that throughout history more than 4,000 doodles have been created for the main pages of the search engine around the world, currently designed by a team of engineers and illustrators (called “doodlers”).

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