Feminists detained the head of the Chapultepec station of the CDMX Metro

Feminists detained the head of the Chapultepec station of the CDMX Metro

A group of feminists retained the head of the Chapultepec station from Line 1 of the Collective Transport System (STC) Metro, after accusing him of being a male chauvinist. They demand that there be “competent authorities”.

In addition to this, the more than 20 hooded women took the turnstiles from the station, allowing free access to users while holding signs and shouting slogans.

At the scene, female Metro police officers and elements of the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC) came to attend to the report without removing the protesters, who say, the station authorities do not allow them to sell their products.

At around 4:00 p.m. on July 22, the women detained the station chief. They sat him on the floor and several of them surrounded him so that the authorities would listen to them and initiate a dialogue table.

Among their slogans, is that they let them sell their products in the corridors of the station since they are dedicated to mobile commerce and they ensure that the Metro does not allow them.

Despite having established the “Popular Metro”, the STC Metro did not comment on the events, nor has it been announced whether the station chief was released after reaching an agreement.

Among their announcements for this day is only the power cut on Line 1, to remove a skate that fell to the tracks, for which they exhorted users to hold their belongings properly when entering the platforms to avoid that these fall to the tracks and the train service stops.

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