Mississippi asks the Supreme Court to repeal abortion throughout the United States

Mississippi asks the Supreme Court to repeal abortion throughout the United States

The state of Mississippi asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to repeal the right to abortion in the United States in a brief added to a case that will be examined later this year by the highest court.

The case, which refers to a Mississippi law that prohibits most abortions after the fifteenth week of pregnancy, will be considered by the Court starting in October.

Supreme Court rulings, such as the landmark Roe vs. Wade lawsuit, which legalized abortion in the United States, “are wildly wrong,” Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch wrote in the document filed Thursday.

“The constitutional right to abortion is not supported by text, structure, history or tradition,” says the document.

“If this court does not deny” abortion legalization cases, “it should ad minimum (at least) hold that there is no pre-feasibility barrier to state abortion bans and uphold Mississippi law”.

The Supreme Court agreed to analyze the case of that state after the law was overturned in two instances.

Mississippi law of 2018 prohibits abortions from the fifteenth week of pregnancy, except for medical emergencies or severe fetal abnormalities. It does not make exceptions for cases of rape or incest.

This would be the first abortion case to be considered by the highest court in the United States since former President Donald Trump secured a conservative majority in that nine-member body.

Trump’s nominations determined a conservative majority of 6 to 3 and gives room to vacate the Roe vs. Wade ruling.

That 1973 decision prevents states from banning abortion before the fetus is viable outside the womb, which is estimated at about 24 weeks.

In recent years, however, Republican-led states have sought to enact restrictive abortion regulations, forcing several clinics to close.

Abortion divides Americans and is strongly opposed by evangelical Christians, most of them residents of southern states like Mississippi.

The Center for Reproductive Rights, an abortion advocacy group, called Thursday’s petition an attempt to “take away our right to control our bodies and our own futures, not just in Mississippi but elsewhere”.

“Any decision in favor of Mississippi in this case, knocks down the core of (the) Roe case,” he added.

Sentence is expected in June next year.

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