EU gives up going to panel due to energy dispute, says AMLO

EU gives up going to panel due to energy dispute, says AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the United States gave up going to the panel due to differences with Mexico on energy matters in the T-MEC.

“When it was thought that there were going to be conflicts over the consultation on energy matters, we informed, we clarified, we made our point of view known and they have decided not to take the step towards a panel and an agreement is being sought, that there be no confrontation,” He stated in a morning conference.

“There is no point in me referring to those who bet on confrontation, experts always come out, internationalists who rub their hands looking for confrontation, hopefully they will calm down, like those here, the opponents, conservatives, who we respect them a lot, let them tell up to 10, take a deep breath before you dive in again.”

In July, the United States and Canada filed complaints against the nationalist energy policy of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, arguing that it discriminates against their companies that try to operate in the Latin American country.

On the other hand, the president confirmed the resignation of the undersecretary of Foreign Trade and negotiator of the T-MEC, Luz María de la Mora.

He added that the new Undersecretary of Economy has already been appointed and will be announced shortly.

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