Mexico is already in the history books of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), well Brando Moreno became the first champion born and raised in the country, after beating Brazilian Deiveson Figueiredo by submission in a rematch fight.

The boxer, a native of the border city of Tijuana, arrived at the function 263 with a mark of 18 wins, five losses and two draws, statistics that did not place him as a favorite for this battle in the Octagon.

What’s more, had little time to prepare, contrary to his opponent, who trained hard for more weeks to hold the UFC scepter and increase his record, which was one setback and 20 wins.

The new champion assured that he trained very hard to get to that moment, which turned him into a happy “kid” who painted his name and that of his country in gold letters in the history books of mixed martial arts.

I’m a fucking kid from Mexico And look at me now holding the belt I trained very hard to be better today, Viva México!” Moreno said in a state of ecstasy at the time of receiving the belt.

Likewise, he sent a message to Mexicans to excel in the fields where they develop, to fulfill their dreams and leave behind all the ridicule, all based on work and effort, which led him to obtain this historic triumph.

“I come from a country where we always say ‘if possible’, but sometimes we did not succeed, but today we could! For all my Mexican people, Dream can be achieved, can be achieved”Added the Tijuana native.

The function was developed in front of more than 18 thousand spectators within the Gila River Arena, en Glendale, Arizona, where the Mexican worked each episode to defeat his rival, who in a first fight had already beaten him.

The first round It was intense, but even. Both boxers came out to show their power, but little by little the balance tipped in favor of the Brazilian, who with confidence and hard punches managed to connect several blows that staggered the Mexican.

With a lock around his neck, Brandon Moreno beat Brazilian Deiveson Figueiredo.

With a lock around his neck, Brandon Moreno beat Brazilian Deiveson Figueiredo.

Moreno took confidence and positioned himself as the absolute leader in the second period. However, he did not achieve his mission of winning the fight.

Already in the third round, the intensity increased, and the Tijuana imprisoned to Figueiredo with his legs over his torso and with his arms he applied a lock to his neck with which he achieved submission.

In this way, Brandon Moreno established himself with the super fly world championship, a fact that no other Mexican had achieved in the entire history of the UFC.

The UFC Spanish site described Moreno as “a very fighter fullHis great versatility of resources has led him to be a threat to anyone in the division including Figueiredo, who felt the power of Brandon in his first fight ”.

Among the congratulations on social networks, the one made by the English team Wolves, where the forward plays Raul Jimenez. Through his Twitter account, he celebrated the Mexican’s triumph and included him in his sports “herd”.

“From Tijuana to the World Congratulations to Brandon Moreno, fly champion of @UFCEspanol! You will always be part of the herd!”, Highlighted the group.

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