Aquihayaquihay sets his course with his two new EP titled “:)” and “:(“

Aquihayaquihay sets his course with his two new EP titled “:)” and “:(“

Mexico, Feb 8 – The Mexican band Aquihayaquihay published on Monday their two new EPs, “:)” and “:(“, with which they condense a year of “experimentation” and consolidate their sound, they reported in an interview with Eph.

“(The EPs) are a way of building a stage in which we were experimenting with many sounds. It is a new facet of Aquihay and this stage of experimentation that we had in the last year is going to be very noticeable”, explained Zizzy, one of group members.

The titles of the EPs reflect the intention of Aquihayaquihay to emphasize the importance of harmony and respect for the beliefs and emotions of the other, while the individual himself remains true to himself.
In addition, it also synthesizes the existing duality, they said, in every human being.

“There has always been duality (in the band) but we wanted to represent it in two unique and meaningful ways on their own, and I think it was achieved. We did five songs in each one that reflect the different moods within happiness and sadness. And it’s something that we had wanted to do for a long time, “Zizzy added.
They are the creators of the so-called M-pop, a fusion of styles like R&B (rythm and blues) or hiphop with Latin classics like salsa or mambo.

In this sense, the young band created in 2016 was excited to see that there is more and more Mexican talent conquering the world, when historically the country had been rather a recipient of artists from other places.
In addition, they also like to think that other young people who can identify with the gender will arrive. “Many guys are going to come, many artists who are going to fall into this genre, this umbrella. We want to be the ones to open the way,” said Phynx, another of the members.

Three of them, in addition, are already within the world of production for other artists, so they are creating, they said, “a community and a movement”, something they have sought from the beginning.
In this sense, they also really enjoy collaborating with fellow members of the guild but they believe that this should come naturally.
“That has always been an issue because there are already five of us, but we have collaborated and we will continue. We want it to be natural, we do not make collaborations to do. We want there to be connection or even friendship, that is very important for us,” explained Neqer, another member of the grouping.
Since the pandemic began almost a year ago, which implied the cancellation of all mass events, the five members of the band have been living together and enjoying time at home, to live together creating music and strengthening Aquihayaquihay.

The five joked with the concept of “anti-boyband” and stated that, although some ‘boybands’ like Backstreet Boys are part of their context and inspiration, the concept is far from what they are.

“Many times the ‘boybands’ are made by force but we really as friends make music because we like it. We want people to perceive that we did it without being a monster with money: we got together and did it with little money. It can always be done when you have the right people to inspire you and a very solid dream, “said Zizzy.
This Monday is a “watershed” for Aquihayaquihay, a group of five young people (Jay Lee, Neqer, Phynx, Zizzy and Nehly) that became popular at festivals and is now seeking to consolidate after months away from the stage.

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