So far in 2021, the Armed Forces have seized just over 76 tons of narcotics in the country, of which 14,333 kilograms were seized between April 21 and May 20 of this year.

According to a report presented by Luis Cresencio Sandoval González, head of the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), the Mexican State also deployed 6,859 troops to eradicate 5,663 hectares of poppies and 375 hectares of marijuana.

Until May 20, authorities seized 44 thousand 57 kilos of marijuana, of which 9,993 were since April 21. In second place of insured amounts are the methamphetamine, which represents 24,311 kilograms, only two thousand 405 in the last month.

As to cocaine, 7,353 kilograms have been seized, 1.8 tons also since April 21. To date, the armed forces seized 822 kg of fentanyl, 107 of them since last month. And they have hardly been obtained 187 kilograms of heroin in actions to combat drug trafficking.

Monthly Public Safety Report (Photo: Government of Mexico)

Monthly Public Safety Report (Photo: Government of Mexico)

In addition to this, they have been destroyed 18 narcolaboratorios used for the manufacture of synthetic drugs. The Secretary General of the Sedena failed to report in which entities the so-called kitchens of the cartels have been located.

Whether in searches, abandoned vehicles, ports, checkpoints, customs or inspections with canine combinations, the federal forces have counted industrial quantities of drugs that are manufactured or cross the country.

According to a follow-up of Infobae Mexico, until last April 16 More than 9,700 kilograms of drugs have been insured in various actions since March, between shipments of cocaine and marijuana.

On March 27, for example, the Navy seized 195.9 kilograms of methamphetamine, which have a black market value of approximately 64 million pesos.

Monthly Public Safety Report (Photo: Government of Mexico)

Monthly Public Safety Report (Photo: Government of Mexico)

Sandoval González also did not inform which factions the seizures belong to, but reports indicate that in the country they dominate the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Most of the shipments would belong to these factions.

For the United States government, Mexican cartels are the main supplier of drugs and there are no transnational groups that confront them in the trafficking of narcotics, mainly on its southwestern border.

Associated with local gangs, the factions distribute throughout the country, in addition, they have modernized to send and sell their product, but above all, they will stop at nothing whether they resort to violence or intimidation.

The result is overdose deaths, because in 2018 alone, 67 thousand 637 Americans died of addictions. At least two-thirds of those deaths were driven by fentanyl, whose overdose fatalities increased 10% in 2017.

Monthly Public Safety Report (Photo: Government of Mexico)

Monthly Public Safety Report (Photo: Government of Mexico)

While From 2012 to 2018, deaths from excessive cocaine use tripled, those from methamphetamine increased five-fold. In recent years, methamphetamine and cocaine overdose deaths increased because the cartels mix fentanyl with these substances.

Regarding units used by organized crime, the head of the Sedena reported that they have seized 14 thousand vehicles, 19 of them with artisanal armor; 11 vessels and 12 aircraft.

On the other hand, the federal forces assured 11 million 267 thousand 450 Mexican pesos and 58 million 779 thousand 524 US dollars, as well as 3,250 firearms, including 25 .50-caliber barret rifles.

If an exchange rate of 20 pesos per dollar is taken, the confiscated US currency cash would be enough to build 38 National Guard barracks, Well, as the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has reiterated, these bases cost around 30 million pesos.

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