She orders a PS5 and receives Water bottles

She orders a PS5 and receives Water bottles

If you haven’t spent the last six months deep in the Amazon, you might know that the PS5 is suffering from global stockouts. But a woman managed to get one. Well, that’s what she believed.

We imagine that you also know the scalpers, those people who buy consoles in large numbers, then resell them at exorbitant prices. Well, a gamer living in the city of Shiga, Japan, thought, on the contrary, that she had managed to order a PS5 from an honest dealer.

She felt all the more lucky that she managed to get it for its real price: 500 euros. She might have thought it was too good to be true, but after a few days of waiting, she did receive her package.

The definition of emotional lift

Then, during the opening, it is the disillusion: it does not fall on the last console of Sony, but on two bottles of water. Logically enough, she contacts the dealer but strangely gets no response. So it was the police that she ended up contacting.

They find the trace of the scammer the reseller, but he puts forward the following excuse: he did not check the contents of the package before sending it.

Mind you, it was nice to try it. Unfortunately, this kind of scam is quite common, so beware!

Brent Dubin
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