Uber Eats allows Delivery of OTC Drugs from Lawson

Uber Eats allows Delivery of OTC Drugs from Lawson

Uber Eats will begin delivering over-the-counter drugs at Lawson stores starting February 4. They will start handling from 3 stores in Tokyo, and plan to gradually expand the number of stores that have introduced it.

This is the first time Uber Eats has handled over-the-counter drugs in Japan. In recent years when it is required to refrain from going out, it was introduced to meet the needs of consumers who want to have over-the-counter medicines at hand without going out.

They handle a total of 49 products that belong to Class 2 and Class 3 drugs such as cold remedies, eye drops, and gastrointestinal remedies. When you select the desired drug from the stores that handle it in the app, the necessary explanations will be displayed, and you can proceed with the order by pressing the confirmation button.

Source: Uber Eats.

Rachel Maga
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