GameStop Germany Stock Market Drama becomes a Netflix film

GameStop Germany Stock Market Drama becomes a Netflix film

GameStop Germany Stock becomes focus of Netflix

2021 has barely started, it was already going really well – at least on the stock exchange. Here, a merger of thousands of Reddit users ensured that GameStop’s Germany stock price soared. Your goal: to wipe out investors who speculate on falling prices. The entire spectacle has now attracted so much attention that even the White House stepped in.

Sounds like an exciting movie scenario, doesn’t it? This is probably what representatives of the Hollywood film industry thought, as did Netflix. Because, as the website Globe Live Media wants to know from insiders, several implementations for the stock market show are already in progress.

GameStop – The Movie

Author Ben Mezrich (Bitcoin Billionaires, Bringing Down the House) has proposed to translate the story of a mob of amateur investors, gamers and internet trolls who defeat the stock market into a book under the name “The Antisocial Network”.

Metro Goldwyn Meier, which specializes in film and television productions. should turn the rights to a film implementation von Mezrich’s upcoming work within just a few days.

Great implementation details have not yet emerged. It is therefore unknown when exactly the story of Mezrich begins and how long it will span. But we know that Aaron Ryder (Arrival, Pieces of a Woman) from Ryder Picture Company will be producing, with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss as executive producers.

Gamestop Stock

Netflix implementation also planned

However, it will not just stop with the implementation of Mezrich’s book. Because as Globe Live Media also reports, Netflix is ​​also in talks to implement the story in its own way as a film.

The as yet nameless project is said to come from the pen of Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker, Detroit). Noah Centineo (Charlie’s Angels) is supposed to play an important role.

It’s all about this: While Netflix has not yet commented on the project, Deadline has already learned some information about the content from unnamed sources: The work is intended to show how social networks have ensured that their users can compete with all those who have previously Want to maintain the status quo of the world.

Further details such as the start of production or the release date are currently not available. It remains exciting at the moment anyway which path the GameStop Germany stock drama will take on Reddit. After all, the story isn’t even told to the end.

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