God of War: a PS5 patch allows you to play in 4K at 60fps

God of War: a PS5 patch allows you to play in 4K at 60fps

Santa Monica Studio announces an Enhanced Performance Experience for God of War on PS5 in order to live the new adventures of Kratos with Atreus in the best conditions.

Available on PS4 for almost three years, the Nordic epic of Kratos in soft reboot form is updated on Sony’s new console: “With the PS4 Pro version of God of War, you have a choice of two graphics modes, one that favors performance and another that favors resolution.

To get the most out of the PS5’s increased performance, a new patch replaces the current graphics mode with a new default setting that will deliver the best in performance and resolution. You can switch back to the PS4’s ‘Favor Resolution’ graphics mode at any time by selecting Original Performance Experience for 4K at 30 frames per second.

In this opus, the former god of war must face an unknown and hostile world populated by terrifying creatures, unexpected threats and a new chance to be a father. Together with young Atreus, he will have to face the kingdom of Midgard and its many dangers to accomplish a most personal quest.

Follow step by step, the moving tale of a father and son, as Kratos struggles to control the rage that has so long fueled him knowing that he now lives as a man far from the shadows of his past actions. .

God of War: the update on PS5

Included in the PlayStation Plus Collection, God of War of Santa Monica Studio will attract new players by being sublimated on PS5 with a totally free patch.

  • 4K (Checkerboard Resolution)
  • 60fps
  • 2160p

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