Hundreds of people protested in the capital of Italy Monday against the weeks of restaurant closures due to the coronavirus Covid-19restrictions that many fear will continue after April.

The protests by restaurant owners and others in Rome follow recent anti-confinement protests in Italy.

Under a rainy sky, riot police confined the protesters in the central square after blocking them from reaching the Chigi Palace, where the prime minister’s office is located, and where authorized demonstrations are held.

Protesters of the ‘IoApro’ movement confront riot police in Rome. (EFE / EPA / ANGELO CARCONI).

Members of the far right, displaying tricolor flags, joined the protest and some threw bottles, smoke bombs and explosives at the police.

Italy ordered to close all restaurants, bars and cafes and they can only sell to go. Recent easing measures in some regions never include the reopening of those businesses.

At a press conference on Thursday, Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that he hopes to ease anti-Covid measures before the end of the month, but that he needs to have new information on health before deciding.

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