Australia reports first coronavirus death in more than 100 days

Australia reports first coronavirus death in more than 100 days

Australia, which is among the countries that have best managed the pandemic of coronavirus covid-19, registered on Tuesday its first death from coronavirus in more than a hundred days, which brings the total number of deaths in its territory to 910 people.

The victim, who died the day before, is an 80-year-old man who returned from the Philippines and was admitted on March 25 to a hospital in Brisbane City, the government of the Australian state of Queensland reported today.

According to the records of the Ministry of Health of Australia, a country that has kept its borders closed since the beginning of the pandemic, the previous death from covid-19 was included in the report on December 28.

Australia It totals more than 29,400 infections of covid-19, most of them as a result of the second wave of coronavirus that originated in mid-2020 due to security failures in the quarantine centers for international travelers in the city of Melbourne.

The good management of the pandemic has been clouded by the slow vaccination campaign in this oceanic country, which began on February 21 but has been hampered by several problems such as the delay in vaccine imports, the floods in March on the coast this and doubts about the side effects of the drug produced by AstraZeneca.

Despite pressure to diversify the vaccines available in Australia, focused on the doses of AstraZeneca and Pfizer -the only ones that have been approved by their authorities-, the Executive of Canberra announced this Tuesday that it will not acquire the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because it is similar to that of AstraZeneca.

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