The Italian reporter Greta Beccaglia of the local television Tuscany TV, who was harassed in full direct at the end of a football match, revealed today that she has received “very sad messages, bad words and also threats” after what happened.

The journalist explained that she had not done “anything wrong” to be treated like this and that she only denounced what everyone saw on November 28 live, when a fan touched her buttocks with his hand at the end of the match between Empoli and Fiorentina, while others began to yell at her.

Now “justice will take its course,” she added in remarks on the sidelines of a conference organized today in Florence (center) by the National Federation of the Italian Press (FNSI), the Order of Italian Journalists (ODG) and the Association of the Tuscan Press.

“I want to be remembered as the girl who, if one day achieves her professional goals, will have achieved it because of her professionalism and not because of what happened to me”, she held.

Thanks to the images transmitted by Tuscany TV, police authorities were able to locate the man who touched her while others yelled sexist comments at her.

Located and reported for harassment, the man apologized and said he was sorry for his gesture, although Beccaglia rejected his apology.

In addition, the Tuscany TV presenter Giorgio Micheletti was temporarily suspended after she downplayed the harassment of the reporter during the connection in which the events occurred, by encouraging her not to get angry and telling her to “You also grow with these experiences”.

The events, quickly viralized on social networks, were condemned by professional unions, sports personalities and the Fiorentina club.

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