Just a few days ago, Lourdes Ornelas gave us an exclusive interview to LA RAZON, in which she told us about her son Camilo‘s evolution that he is still admitted and sedated in the ICU of the Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Madrid, after suffering a bicycle accident and entering with pneumonia.

The mexican told us that, despite the gravity, Camilín “was beginning to respond to treatment” and thanked the health staff for taking care of her son, denying the altercation in the Hospital where her son is admitted.

In addition, she told us about the support she had found in these difficult moments in María, her daughter’s girlfriend:

Without Maria’s help, we would not have been able to. We are together on visits, which are daily, and she accompanies me a lot the rest of the day. If one day I can’t be there for whatever reason, like yesterday, when a new security system was installed at Camilo’s house, I know I can count on her.

Thus, glancing at us, the Mexican who had decided to install a new security system in Camilo Sesto’s huge mansion:

“I have spent five hours with the technicians of the security company and they have installed a more modern system with cameras and detectors. I am afraid that, taking advantage of the fact that my son is admitted to the hospital, they will break into his house to steal. Everyone knows from the media that my son is hospitalized and where he lives. There are some guards who live in a house on the farm, but the property is very large and it was not well protected.”

Lourdes fears that more objects will be stolen from the artist, as she assures that it happened at her death

In the home where the young man now lives, there are still a large amount of the artist’s belongings, of undoubted economic and sentimental value. Home, located just over 30 kilometers from the capital, in Torrelodones, is an independent mansion of 450 square meters, three floors, a large garden and a huge swimming pool.

Camilo Sesto, in an image in the living room of his house in Torrelodones. Photo: Gtres

Camilo Sesto, in an image in the living room of his house in Torrelodones.

There, in the home where the singer spent his last years of life, there are many valuables, such as musical instruments, paintings, jewelry and his platinum and gold records, although many others were donated to make a museum in his hometown, Alcoy.

Even so, his only son kept in the chalet many other objects of undoubted value that the great artist had accumulated throughout his long personal and professional career.

Lourdes is concerned that, in addition to professional thieves, other people may gain access to the house while her son is still in the hospital.

“You are aware that your child rubs shoulders with people of dubious reputations, due to their addiction problems, and that these “friends” know the weakest points of the obsolete security that existed in the Torrelodones mansion.”

She fears that, as happened at the death of the artist, more memories of the artist disappear and, in addition, the cameras allow you to monitor if everything is okay at your child’s home.

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