The vaccination campaign against coronavirus for the small islands in Italy, important tourist centers of the country, continues at full speed and after Procida today also Capri, off the coast of the Campania region (south), was declared “Covid free” having vaccinated 95 percent of its older population of 18 years.

“Capri is immunized. And this is essential for the tourist season because the workers of the tourism sector have to prepare already this month”, said the president of the region, Vincenzo De Luca, who today came to visit the town, one of the most exclusive and visited in Italy.

The campaign of vaccination of the bell islands will continue with the other tourist destination Ischia and then it will continue throughout the Gulf of Sorrento until reaching the Cilento area, De Luca announced.

Accelerated vaccination in these small towns where there are no adequate sanitary facilities is part of the national campaign approved by the Government, which should have started this Friday, but which some regions decided to advance to prepare for the holiday season.

Procida was already declared “Covid free” last Tuesday after having immunized 90 percent of its adult population in about three days.

Also in Sicily during the weekend the mass vaccination will begin in the small islands such as Lampedusa, Capraia, Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi.

“All citizens, over 18 years of age, will be vaccinated without reservation. We will have the collaboration of the Ministry of Defense, which will support us with its own personnel”, explained the commissioner for the covid in Messina (Sicily), Alberto Firenze.

With the delivery of 30,000 doses of Moderna to the Aeolian islands, Salina will be the first to have its entire adult population, about 1,400 people, vaccinated.

There are about 30 small islands that have been included in this campaign and in the Pontine islands the mass vaccination has already begun a few days ago, as well as on May 3 they began in the islands of Ponza and Ventotene.

In Capraia (Livorno) it began this Friday and Elba aims to close the campaign at the beginning of June, while on the island of San Pietro in the Magdalena archipelago, in Sardinia, 50 percent of the population has already been vaccinated.

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