Antonia Dell´Atte offended with Alessandro Lecquio:

Antonia Dell´Atte offended with Alessandro Lecquio: “He has a lot to shut up”

The words of Count Lecquio in The Ana Rosa program, assuring that he felt identified with Paquirri, have caused his ex-wife, Antonia Dell´Atte to break the truce in which she had been mired since the death of Aless Lecquio and attack her ex .

The reason: the comparison that the controversial collaborator has made between the political families of Isabel Pantoja and the Dell’Atte, a few words that have not left the Italian indifferent.

A few weeks ago, Alessandro confessed that like Paquirri, the presence of his wife’s family at home bothered her: “They came suddenly like squatters to my house. They all began to appear. I told Antonia that there was no room and she said that nothing was wrong, who slept on the floor”.

In the conversation between the Europa Press journalist and the model, which has been published in Chance, Antonia is incredulous at the statements of her ex, but still warns him: “He has a lot to keep quiet.”

A few words that make it clear that, despite the truce between the two, the former couple’s relationship is far from cordial.

“He has a lot to shut up,” says Alessandra, incredulous, to her ex’s statements.

Alessandro Lequio did not hesitate to compare the family of his ex-wife with that of the tonadillera, criticizing that they were always stuck in his house. A few words to which the former model does not believe and to which she responded angrily.

Interviewer:- I don’t know if you heard a comment that Alessandro Lequio made comparing herself to Paquirri in the sense that when you got married, your whole family went into your home and implied that the married man wants home, that too with many people.

ANTONIA:- Please, I don’t believe this. I don’t believe that he said that. I also believe that he has to keep quiet about many things.

Interviewer:- It was a funny comment, either.

ANTONIA:- I adore, I adore, I adore, I adore. I love that the lie is always ahead, but the truth follows and haunts it. I adore, I don’t believe he said this.

Proud of her son Clemente’s first musical work

In addition, in the interview conducted by Europa Press, Antonia assures that her son Clemente is focused on his music and downplays the rumors that claim that he could compete in Survivors.

He is at work, he works. Music is something that he writes well because I like music too, but then you know that if there are not many plugs, just get to see the man, if nobody helps you.

Clemente Lecquio presented just a few weeks ago Broadcast of Electric Dreams, a album of 10 instrumental songs which is already available on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, in which he pays tribute to his brother Aless.

He did it on Instagram with the following words: “A long eight-month job that finally sees the light. You can listen to my album Broadcast of Electric Dreams” and thanked the magazine People in spanish, to which he granted an interview, the promotion.

In this way, the only child in the marriage of the aristocrat and the Italian top model makes clear your desire to stay out of the press of the heart and that he is not willing to follow in the footsteps of his parents to gain a foothold in the music or media scene.

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