The deputies of Germany adopted a law on Friday that requires medical personnel to be vaccinated for the coronavirus, a first step prior to the obligation of vaccination for the entire population, which could be approved at the beginning of next year.

The bill, which seeks to protect particularly vulnerable groups, was widely supported in the Bundestag (where social democrats, environmentalists and liberals have the majority) with 571 votes in favor and 70 against.

All people who work in hospitals, residences for the elderly and medical centers will have to be vaccinated or have overcome the covid-19 disease.

Employees of centers with disabled people, day clinics, medical offices, emergency services and socio-educational establishments are also concerned.

The bill establishes that the medical professions have a “particular responsibility”, since they are “in close and intensive contact with groups of people who are at high risk of infection and serious or fatal evolution of the disease.”

These employees have until March 15, 2022 to demonstrate that they have the complete vaccination schedule. If not, they may have to stop working.

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