Hanau: What does Vacuumschmelze actually do?

HANAU – As the first German minister at state and federal level, Hesse’s Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir (Greens) visited Vaccuumschmelze (VAC) in Hanau on Friday as part of his summer tour. On the tour’s itinerary: innovative companies that operate in a climate-friendly manner, handle raw materials efficiently and are committed to their regions.

Another prominent political guest alongside Al-Wazir. Hesse’s SPD General Christoph Degen. Al-Wazir: “It’s nice that in Germany such visits are also possible across party lines.”

VAC parts are in these products

Al-Wazir, the Green Party’s top candidate for the state elections in Hesse in October, said of VAC’s products, “Special materials, components, sensors and films are in solar plants and wind turbines, in smart electricity meters, charging columns, electric motors, displays and many other things that make us sustainable and future-proof.”

Excitingly, Vacuumschmelze GmbH & Co. KG is a hidden champion as it is in the book. Hardly anyone outside Hanau and the Main-Kinzig district knows the company, but each of us knows very specific products that contain at least one of Vacuumschmelze’s approximately 1,500 different parts.

They are in the Apple Watch, the hands of German and Swiss luxury watches come from Vacuumschmelze, and Formula 1 cars would not be so fast without parts from Vacuumschmelze. Incidentally, this was reason enough for Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton to send a personal thank-you card to the company for its good work.

Economics Minister Al-Wazir: “Vacuumschmelze is one of the companies that stand for the performance and success of the Hessian economy.”

VAC CEO: Making the world a better place every day

Dr. Erik Eschen, CEO of Vacuumschmelze: “For 100 years, VAC has been working as a hidden champion in Hesse to make our world a little better every day with new solutions and innovations.”

He added that the minister’s visit underscored the importance of close cooperation between government and business to jointly promote sustainable growth and further strengthen Hessen as a business location.

Vaccuumschmelze CEO Eschen to KINZIG.NEWS: “We have been in close contact with foreign government representatives for years. I frequently exchange ideas with the Canadian Minister of Economic Affairs, and I’ve also spoken to Australia’s prime minister.”

Facts and figures about Vacuumschmelze

Vacuumschmelze Hanau, founded 100 years ago, is one of the leading manufacturers of materials and components made from over 170 special alloys and employs around 4,750 people worldwide, 1,300 of them in Germany. Its products can be found in a wide range of applications from renewable energies to aviation. In a sustainability declaration, the company commits itself to conserving resources, reducing emissions and treating employees fairly and in a spirit of partnership. (tby)

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