After heavy storm in Erfurt: Egapark reopens for visitors

Due to the heavy thunderstorm in Erfurt, Egapark was closed for two days. Now it is reopened with restrictions. The thunderstorm had damaged about 500 trees, 23 could not be saved.

After two days of forced break, the Egapark in Erfurt opens again for visitors on Friday. According to the public utility company, most of the storm damage on Tuesday has been repaired. However, there are still restrictions, among other things, in the forest park, in the Japanese Garden and in peripheral areas of the Karl Foerster Garden.

There, tree maintenance work and damage repair are expected to continue for several weeks. Some of the damaged trees are to be preserved as habitats for birds or squirrels, for example.

The thunderstorm had uprooted trees and broken branches. About 500 trees were affected, it said. 23 can no longer be saved, the storm had literally twisted off the trunks and broken the crowns.

90-year-old trees were felled by storm

On the grounds of Thuringia’s largest garden, there are reportedly 2,400 trees, some of considerable age. Among other things, a 90-year-old chestnut and a 90-year-old tree of the gods had been felled by the storm. Large palm trees in the entrance area toppled, but took no damage. The public utility company appealed for donations for the Ega Park and for tree sponsorships. To repair the damage, every euro is needed.

According to the Stadtwerke, there had been hardly any storm damage to flower and perennial areas. On the large flower bed, about 80,000 flowers of 150 varieties are currently blooming. The 36-hectare Ega Park attracts more than 500,000 visitors annually.

Storm devastates Erfurt

A storm left major damage in Erfurt on Tuesday evening. Mayor Andreas Bausewein (SPD) spoke of a “swath of devastation.” The districts of Hochheim, Bindersleben and the Andreasviertel were particularly affected. In the entire city area, there were 172 rescue operations on Tuesday, 34 of which were due to water damage. According to the city, two people were slightly injured.

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