This is how the Villa Jurado move was made

This is how the Villa Jurado move was made

“A trailer will be shown on this next-generation giant screen. It is a story that has been saved for 15 years. It is the story of a queen. This information reaches the top of the program and has generated nervousness and restlessness, it will not leave anyone indifferent”, Paz Padilla started saying from a drive-in where, hours later, the trailer for ‘Rocío’s last trip’ has been projected.

With enormous solemnity and an unprecedented display, placing three collaborators from Sálvame-, Lydia Lozano, Alonso Caparrós and Chelo García-Cortés, – in the drive-in to be the first to see the trailer for the special La Fábrica de la Tele that is will broadcast next Tuesday and that was primed as the prelude to the second part of the docuseries starring Rocío Carrasco.

David Valldeperas, director of ‘Sálvame’ and a great friend of Rocio Carrasco, advanced its content at the edge of 8 o’clock in the afternoon. The program has revealed the existence of 18 containers in which Rocío Jurado’s belongings are kept that have never seen the light of day.

As David Valldeperas has told, we will witness the transfer and opening of some treasures hidden for more than 13 years and belonging to ‘the largest’.

Thirteen years ago, Rocío Carrasco transferred all of her mother’s belongings to a storage room.

“On the night of April 14 of 2008, taking advantage of the darkness and the absence of paparazzi – revealed a voiceover – Rocío Jurado’s most personal and intimate belongings were placed in 18 containers where they have remained hidden for 13 long years. No one, until today, knew of the existence of these containers, not even its universal heir, Rocío Carrasco, knows what they contain precisely”.

A statement that Rosa Benito, Carrasco’s aunt, denied minutes later from the set of ‘It’s already eight’: “She does know what there is”.

Three trailer trucks will make a televised tour, from various helicopters and other “hot spots”, along 20 kilometers in a solemn and spectacular ceremony that will be broadcast live. In the moving trucks are 30 tons of inheritance; Rocío Jurado’s hidden treasure.

Furniture, tableware, sculptures, dresses, but also photographs, documents, many documents, some very compromising, videotapes, unpublished recordings. Secrets of Rocío Jurado that Rocío Carrasco denied, before a judge, to have delivered to Telecinco and that, now, with this staging they will see the light.

Villa Jurado died after the death of the artist

The La Moraleja mansion where Rocío Jurado spent her last months of life was sold in February 2008 to an investor who considered demolishing it to build a new house.

But, in the midst of the brick crisis, the new owner’s project would end in bankruptcy. The house would never be demolished and would end up going up for public auction in January 2017, after the defaults of its owner to a bank that still has it among its assets.

Before the buyer took possession of the home, Ortega Cano and her two adopted children, Gloria Camila and José Fernando, had to leave the house. Thus, on the date set by Rocío Carrasco, the bullfighter, helped by his subordinates, put his and his children’s clothes in a van, and left the mansion without looking back.

His daughter Rocío, the universal heir, was in charge of making the move, helped by his uncles, Amador and Gloria, as well as his partners, José Antonio and Rosa Benito. A large part of the trophies, some paintings, photographs, the piano and many of his dresses were inventoried and, shortly after, they were sent to Chipiona, for make the artist’s dream of having a museum come true in her hometown.

In the 400 meters of semi-basement, where the service area and the cellar were, the artist’s gala costumes were piled up and from there, she left in the direction of Chipiona, under the supervision of Amador Mohedano.

Rocío Carrasco was in charge of hiring a moving company to collect the belongings that accumulated in the nearly 1000 meters built in the huge plot of Conde de los Gaitanes street. On the main floor, 360 meters long, there were several living rooms, the kitchen, office, three bathrooms and the master bedroom, full of furniture, paintings, photographs, trophies and endless memories. O

n the second floor, of almost 200 meters built, Rocío Carrasco lived her childhood and also the end of her marriage with Antonio David Flores.

Except the documentation, that his uncle José Antonio was in charge of delivering valuables and jewelery to his niece in several suitcases, as well as what was selected to be part of the future Rocío Jurado museum, the rest of the belongings were packed by the moving company.

Since then, no one has opened a box. Now, as announced by Telecinco, Rocío Carrasco is willing to do it live.

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