The French First Lady, Brigitte Macron has taken legal action against the falsehood that she is transgender and was born male.

The hoax, promoted from the environment of the extreme right gala follows the scheme used in 2014 against the wife of Barack Obama. Michelle. The objective is none other than to harm the candidacy of her husband and avoid a second term as tenant of the Elysee.

Macron’s wife has been attacked since last September for this reason on social networks. Rumors claim that a boy was born under the name Jean-Michel Trogneux.

The lawyer for a former Literature teacher has confirmed that legal action has been initiated and that measures are being taken in this regard. “You have decided to start the process, it is underway,” said lawyer Jean Ennochi.

The Macrons are convinced that it is in fact an attack promoted by groups linked to the extreme political right, anti-vaccine groups or conspiratorial movements such as QAnon, which seek to tarnish the image of Emmanuel Macron.

There are those who have criticized the position of Brigittte Macron, but also from social networks they encourage her to end against “fake news”. It is not the first time that Brigitte has been criticized, it was also when her husband came to the fore in French politics. Then the marriage was criticized for their age difference, 25 years.

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