Yesterday, the actress Sara Salamo shared on her Instagram account that Ómicrom had visited her house. In addition, it took the opportunity to launch an important warning message about PCR and antigen tests.

The model, very assiduous to controversy on social networks, she is not afraid to speak her mind. That is why, now that she has been infected with the virus after spending Christmas Eve with her family, she wanted to share a video in which she gives her opinion on the tests that detect the contagion.

“The true look of a Christmas with COVID. Thanks to all who ask. At home we are pretty good with what it could be like to live with this terrible bug. We hope to be all five to one hundred percent in a few days. Take care of yourselves a lot and Merry Christmas,” she wrote next to the video.

After the hundreds of comments she has received, Sara Sálamo used her Instagram Stories to warn that we do not trust antigen tests, since they often give false negatives.

“I wanted to share with you, in case it helps, that despite having Covid confirmed by two PCR tests, my antigen tests are constantly negative (a total of five times). I share it here in case you want to take extra precautions during the holidays with your families and friends. A lot of health and love for everyone!”

The same has happened to the presenter Tania Llasera.

“Positive and isolated; Christmas Covideñas for the woman who keeps this account: me. Note that the antigen test was negative and I thought that in case the flies it was better to go for a PCR. And confirmed what I feared. Omicron in the body. Infected with Covid for the first time in this 6th wave. With full agenda and still runny nose and flu-like body ache. Be careful everyone, please do not trust antigens too much, the feeling of false security is real”, she said on her Instagram.

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