She purrs the 250 horsepower of the Alpine A110. It’s been a week since the gendarmes of the Loire received their new toy. This intervention vehicle has impressive performance. “We can go up to 260 km/h. And it goes from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. So it goes very quickly. It will make us more efficient, more dissuasive too, that’s for sure. It’s a beautiful tool, there is no photo,” explains Constable Frédéric Jeanne.

“A high-speed interceptor vehicle”

The Alpine replaces the aging Mégane RS used for ten years by the police on the highway. A state-of-the-art car made in France, which will be very useful, explains Colonel Erwann Eynault, who commands the Loire group.

“We’re going back to the fundamentals of the 1960s, in line with the Berlinette, which was the Gendarmerie’s first rapid intervention vehicle. So it’s always a source of pride to drive in a French car, which is high-performance and also beautiful. Above all, we recover a high-speed interception vehicle and for us it is essential. Because there is more and more speeding. Between 2019 and today, there is an increase in major excesses. speed, beyond 40, even 50 km / h, 30% increase on average”, continues Erwann Eynault at the microphone of Europe 1.

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