They confirm the death of former deputy Ángela Hernández in Colombia

They confirm the death of former deputy Ángela Hernández in Colombia

During the early hours of this Sunday, the death of the former colombian deputy Ángela Hernández was confirmed, who had been facing breast cancer detected since 2019.

The news was spread through the social networks of the Santander politics.

The fight against the disease had turned on the alerts again at the end of 2021, when Hernández  stated that she suffered from numbness of the limbs and facial paralysis.

At that time it was known that the disease was detected again but now in the bone marrow.

Hernández said that, after this new diagnosis, she had to undergo new treatments, therapies and medications to combat this pathology which returned to her body after more than a year of overcoming breast cancer.

Her daily routine consisted of getting up a few minutes before 6 am to inject and receive oral pain medication.

In addition, she carried out therapy sessions and underwent radiotherapy.

“We finished the radiotherapies, there were 10, so we are happy because the objective was met,” her husband said during December 2021 through an Instagram video.

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