Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is curtailing Free2Play to restore fairness

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been playable for free since 2018, with some restrictions. Valve is now tightening these differences to the so-called prime status. In the future Free2Play players no longer participate in ranked matchmaking and no longer earn Prime membership for free.

Valve explains the move by saying that the previous business model “Over time it has become an incentive for bad actors” be. Valve probably means cheaters and toxic behavior, which should be reduced by the adjustments. Valve wants to ensure more fairness in CS: GO.

What is changing now

CS: GO can still be played for free, but with major restrictions. New players can still play any game mode, but no longer in the leaderboard. There are also no more skill groups, experience points and goodies earned for free counter-strikers.

Before that, it was possible to earn Prime membership yourself. From now on, this no longer works either – if you want to play rankings, you have to buy CS: GO Prime.

It is important to know: If you upgrade to Prime as a Free2Play player within two weeks, you can keep your current skill group and XP. That has to be done by June 18th.

New unrated games

CS: GO has also changed something for Prime players. A new Unranked-Playlist allows matches to be played without affecting the skill group. Your own classification also has no effect on the unrated gameplay. So here is a relaxed mode for practicing and having fun.

Valve is also responding to long-term player criticism with the changes. Since the Free2Play start, the community has been irritated and feared an increase in cheaters. Accordingly, the new step in social networks (via Reddit) is welcomed by many players.

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