This is how Flora Martínez sounds, the famous Colombian actress who debuted as a singer-songwriter

This is how Flora Martínez sounds, the famous Colombian actress who debuted as a singer-songwriter

‘Me Equivoqué Otra Vez’ is a romantic bolero written by Flora Martínez. Photo: video capture

Flora Martinez is a Colombian-Canadian actress and singer recognized for her portrayal of Rosario Tijeras in a movie, and her leading roles in Colombian telenovelas such as ‘Vecinos’ or ‘La Bruja’. Along with her acting career, the Montreal-born woman has shown her talent for interpreting songs, until now she had dedicated herself to performing covers, but this Friday she surprised with a single of her own.

I was wrong again‘is the first single written by the actress, in the company of her husband José Reinoso, and which she launched on all digital platforms this Friday, along with her official video clip on her YouTube channel, where she has already exceeded five thousand views. In this song, as revealed by the now singer-songwriter, she combines her two favorite genres, jazz and bolero.

In her social networks and the video clip, the followers of the 43-year-old woman have not stopped filling her with praise for this new facet that is about to begin, because Martínez assured that this single is only the first of several that will be released this year.

“Since I can remember, I spend it with a notebook always writing sometimes short sentences, sometimes poems and also lyrics. Many already have music, but they are still waiting to be recorded”, He revealed to El Espectador.

Flora Martínez, Colombian actress and singer. Photo: Colprensa

Flora Martínez, Colombian actress and singer. Photo: Colprensa 

Taking into account the genres of the song, the video clip, in which only Flora and the musicians appear, including Néstor Vanegas, Fabio Ortiz and Orlando Barreda; recreates the atmosphere of a nightclub full of elegance and velvet, as well as alcohol and sensuality. The audiovisual production was directed by the Visual Music production company headed by Freddy Rodríguez, while Jimmy Londoño, Ariel Cardona and Salomón Valencia were in charge of the costumes and makeup.

‘I was wrong again’ is about a failed love story, despite being a romantic bolero and being released to the public on the eve of Valentine’s Day.

“They warned me and I did not want to listen, your presence knocked down my indifference, I have no way of turning back”, The song tells the story of a woman who, despite the comments and warnings from her acquaintances, always ends up with the wrong man who makes her suffer. Nevertheless, she lets herself be carried away by love, although she knows that love is going to hurt and she lives for the moment, the latter is the message that Martínez transmits through her interpretation.

In 2016, the Colombian actress had released a covers album called ‘Flora’ in which she performed musical hits such as The Scientist, The Earrings of the Moon, From Light Music, among others, in which a style that can already be established as the artist’s own with romantic and sensual rhythms similar to jazz stands out. While now, five years later, he opens a new path in his musical career with singles of his own.

“Since I started acting on television at the age of 14, I have adopted the habit of telling stories that others created and perhaps this is why I have no problem singing other people’s songs. But I recognize that I am finding him the pleasure to sing my own ”, said Martínez.

In recent months, Flora Martínez has been playing Frida in the play “Free frida“Which stars. At the end of each play the singer performed the song ‘Here between us’ by Martín Urieta who, although she is known for her performance in ranchera, the Colombian-Canadian performed in jazz. However, Martínez has ventured into the ranchera with songs like ‘La Llorona’ and ‘Only once’.

With this new single, the winner of seven awards for best leading, antagonistic and supporting actress, hopes to captivate the Colombian audience and the international market.

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