There are romantic plans in Colombia for a Valentine’s Day in the midst of a pandemic

There are romantic plans in Colombia for a Valentine’s Day in the midst of a pandemic

This Sunday, February 14, the Valentine’s Day, a day for lovers on an international level; However, in Colombia this date is not so celebrated, since the Day of Love and Friendship is in the month of September. Still, there are some Colombians who still enjoy celebrating love this month, which is why here is a list of romantic plans for this weekend taking into account the current situation.

Romantic dates and travel are very common on this date, but the coronavirus pandemic, as he has done with everything that was part of daily normality, makes celebrating Valentine’s Day this year have to think more, considering that there is a virus involved.

Romantic dinner at home

It is the most traditional option and one that best accommodates the pandemic, as well as being ideal for those who prefer to stay in a home environment and share a special moment accompanied by good food, liquor and, why not, a movie or series. Platforms streaming They have a fairly complete catalog of movies and romantic series ideal for this date.

Homemade dinners always stand out, especially if they propose to do it as a couple; However, if neither of you is an expert in the kitchen, addresses are always a great option accompanied by one or more glasses of wine.

Colombian hotels with offers for Valentine’s Day

With the reactivation of the tourism sector, there are several hotels in the main cities that offer romantic nights for couples in their facilities. In Medellín, for example, they are Intercontinental Medellín, Novotel, Café Hotel, among others, where you can find a spa with plans for couples, special dinners with bubbly champagne and a specially decorated room and a special breakfast to start the next day right.

In Bogotá, Estelar Hotels explained to La República that couples can “Live a night by candlelight, surrounded by gardens and with the heat of the fire enjoying a dinner prepared by the chef at the table, dessert and a glass of wine. In the room, they will find a unique and romantic setting to seal the night with a flourish ”, as in their hotels in the city of Cali.

Spending the night in a hotel makes a difference for couples, both for those who live together and for those who do not, get out of the routine and feel relaxed can make Valentine’s day more special for lovers.


Transparent or homes; outdoor houses and tents with an almost perfect view of the skies is what glamping offers, a form of accommodation that is gaining strength in times of covid-19, for having better biosecurity conditions. They are also a space in which couples can live an experience much further away from everyday life.

Only in the territories of Caldas and Quindío there are currently more than 25 “glamping” areas, where you can attend as a couple, with friends or with family. Prices range from $ 350,000 to one million pesos per night depending on the experience you want to live.

Gift options

Now, if you already have a plan, but don’t know what to give your partner on this special date, don’t forget that flowers and chocolates are always a good option. On this date, another good option is to bet on the enterprises that have become common during the pandemic, those that bring surprise breakfasts to homes.

These businesses have a variety of options on their menu, from the healthiest breakfast to the one that becomes sinful. In addition, there are also those who make shelves of sweets or other personalized objects, if the economy is a problem. a DIY craft is also a commendable option.

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