On the afternoon of June 7, at the height of the path Las Piles, Palmira, adjacent to Cauca river, a body was found that, according to the authorities, corresponds to that of the Police patrol car, Carlos Andres Rincon, who disappeared on the 4th of this month in the Paso del Comercio sector, a sector in which his motorcycle appeared burned.

The body showed signs of an advanced state of decomposition. He had a red boxer and a gray shirt; furthermore, the deceased presented several skull fractures that, according to the authorities, they could be related to injuries inflicted that could have cost him his life.

Although the identity of the deceased is pending confirmation by Legal Medicine, it has transpired that one of the companions of the disappeared patrolman, belonging to the El hormiguero police station, had recognized the body and indicated that it is Carlos Andrés Rincón.

The disappearance of the Metropolitan Police patrol car Carlos Andrés Rincón Martínez It occurred on June 4 and prompted a prompt reaction from the authorities in the context of the tensions that have degraded in episodes of violence in Cali.

Rincón, who was last seen at the Paso del Comercio blockade, north of the city, last Thursday night, he was in said sector taking advantage of his rest day. Since his loss was reported, there was little hope of finding him alive.

The first to speak was the Major General Jorge Luis Vargas Valencia, who indicated that the motorcycle on which the patrol car was traveling appeared on fire in the place while the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, claimed Rincon might have died.

Unfortunately, according to intelligence information, an incinerated motorcycle of the patrol car was allegedly found and the same information indicates that he was allegedly killed at the same blockade point in Cali and his body dumped into the Cauca River”.

The Government of Valle del Cauca, the Mayor’s Office of Cali and the National Police offered up to 200 million pesos reward to anyone who provides information to clarify the fact that involves the uniformed.

However, the disappearance of the patrol car is not related to the unblocking of that sector in which more than 1,000 police officers and members of the Army intervened since early in the morning of last Friday.

The city of Cali is one of the epicenters of shocks and acts of vandalism that arose during the National Strike, which is about to turn 40 days long.

In addition, the escalation of violence in the city reported 14 homicides in 24 hours in the capital of Valle del Cauca during the weekend of the festive bridge of Corpus Christi, a Colombian religious holiday.

In previous May, 15 people died during the National Strike episodes.

Many of these cases are being investigated by the competent authorities. Social organizations indicate that these are the responsibility of the public force for exercising alleged excesses of violence by their uniformed men.

In addition, they have increased acts of hired assassins and attempts on life which are not necessarily linked to the demonstrations.

Reasons that prompted the Personality of the city a quote an extraordinary safety tip to monitor the increase in violence in Cali.

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