Bryunna Joyce, a 19-year-old girl was detained in Miami who was accused of mistreating and beating her daughter who was just over a month old.

She recorded the abuse and sent the images to the baby’s father, with messages warning that she was going to kill her and pretend it was an accident.

“You don’t think I’m going to kill her. Say it again”, Bryunna Joyce texted her boyfriend, Resident in Hialeah, in Miami-Dade County, according to Police.

In the videos that she sent to the girl’s father, with whom she had argued, she throws the baby into bed, hits her face several times, grabs her by the neck and puts a cloth on her face for 37 seconds, local media reported on Tuesday.

In the recording, the baby is seen moving her head under the cloth looking for air to breathe, said the Local 10 channel.

This Monday Bryunna Joyce, who was arrested on Sunday in Miami, appeared before a judge and was charged with child abuse and neglect, death threats and trying to strangle the girl.

According to Local 10 channel, in one of the messages that accompanied the video, she stated that her daughter was lying in the car seat “like a dog” and that she was going to act as if it were an accident.

The police report indicates, according to the television medium, that she is also seen moving her daughter’s chair to go back and forth in the car abruptly, which causes the little girl to hit her head several times.

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