Medellín will extend virtuality in schools for two more weeks

Medellín will extend virtuality in schools for two more weeks

Covid-19 continues unabated in Medellín, which continues to seek ways to prevent a greater number of infections from the disease. The most recent has to do with the extension of virtual education in all schools from the capital of Antioquia.

This was announced by the city’s Health Secretary, Alexandra Agudelo, who this Friday, April 16, sent a request to the Ministries of Health and Education to maintain the suspension of the educational alternation model for two more weeks, with the aim of avoiding an increase in the contagion of the virus among minors.

As the official explained to Caracol Radio, “the Medellín license plate speaks of 411 thousand students, the issue is that we want to avoid infections, prevent the virus from spreading in the city according to all the figures. For our academic community, it is necessary that let’s continue from home for these two weeks”.

It should not be forgotten that alternation education has been suspended in the city for two weeks, when the hospital red alert was decreed throughout the department of Antioquia.

Although it should end this Friday, the increasingly worrying figures —IU occupancy above 98 percent, 2,049 infections only today and 15,975 active cases— forced the decision.

This was taken jointly by the Territorial Alternation Committee where the unions, the Ministry of Health, the private schools and the representatives of the Paisas rectors are located. That, in an ecosystem made up of 311,267 students from official institutions, 31,472 from coverage and 69,210 from private ones.

The Committee gives the recommendation and makes the decision to continue studying from home for two more weeks, until April 30, the students of Medellín from public schools, private schools and institutions for work and human development will be from home, “said Agudelo.

At the end of the day, there are compelling reasons to be concerned. In the last hours, images of the pink zone of Medellín were known, in the El Poblado sector, where there seems to be a lack of awareness of the red alert.

In a video broadcast by Blu Radio, we can see how the Medellin population shared two hours before the three-day quarantine imposed by Mayor Quintero and recommended by the national government.

In the images, it can be seen that several restaurants in a shopping center served diners under the open sky. However, the tables are not two meters apart and neither are the diners who share in the small divisions.

At first, two men are seen standing and talking at a table shared by three women. One of the men adjusts his mask, but the other man was speaking at a short distance to those seated at the table.

With music at full volume and without restriction when speaking without a mask, the station’s video goes through the entire row of restaurants that seem to have no more capacity because of how crowded they are. It is seen that people, throughout the photograph, drink intoxicating drinks.

At the end of the recording, a cluster of more than five people is seen talking in a corner and, although it cannot be ascertained if they are wearing masks, they are a few centimeters from each other.

The video was replicated by Luis Fernando Suárez, governor in charge of Antioquia, who affirms that lowering the serious figures of the territory “It depends on everyone.”

Before 8 p.m., attendees had to go home to avoid being fined for the start of the general quarantine that will include the weekend from Friday, April 16, until Monday, April 19 of the same month.

For its part, the dry law will govern at the same curfew hours, which means that from April 15 to 19, the sale of alcoholic beverages will be prohibited in Medellín.

The Peak and schedule during the week between April 12 and 18 It will work like this for commercial establishments, a measure from which restaurants and hotels are exempt.

From the Mayor’s Office of Medellín a call was extended to extreme self-care, to leave home only on strictly necessary occasions. In addition, the constant use of a mask, hand washing, distancing.

“The figures for these days continue to show the effects of Holy Week. For this weekend we hope to begin to see a change in the trend. But we are not going to relax. On the contrary, we must continue to be rigorous in caring.”  Governor Suárez indicated, advice that some residents seem not to abide by.

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