Who are the German relatives who will be at Felipe's funeral

Who are the German relatives who will be at Felipe’s funeral

Two great-nephews and a cousin from the German family of Felipe will participate this Saturday in his funeral. It is a branch of the family marked under the sign of the Nazism: his four older sisters married men sympathetic to national socialism.

In fact, they were not invited to the wedding of Felipe and the still Princess Isabel for that reason.

However, Felipe himself wrote that he wanted his blood family to be represented at his funeral. This was also the case in his life, in which he handled himself under the premise that what was past should be past. He had a network of German nephews and cousins ​​to whom he was devoted.

According to Daily Mail, two great-nephews and a cousin are quarantining a Berkshire home so they can attend the funeral on Saturday. They will be three of the thirty exclusive guests at the ceremony.

The great-nephews are the Crown Prince of Baden, Bernhard and Prince Donato de Landgrave of Hesse; while the cousin is the prince Felipe de Hohenlohe-Langenburg.

With just thirty guests allowed inside St George’s Chapel on Saturday afternoon, in accordance with coronavirus protocols, it means that one-tenth of the congregation paying homage to the duke will be from Germany.

“It truly is an incredible honor and we are all extremely touched and privileged to be included on behalf of the family at large,” Prince Philip, 51, said in a statement from the home where he and his cousins ​​are to remain in isolation until the Weekend.

His grandmother, Princess Margaret, was the Duke’s older sister. Felipe made many visits to the family home – Langenburg Castle in southern Germany. Fifty-year-old Prince Bernhard is the grandson of the duke’s second sister, Theodora.

Prince Donato, known as Don, 54, is the head of the House of Hesse, in which the duke’s two younger sisters, Cecile and Sophie, were married.

These families, have in common endless beautiful memories of “Uncle Felipe” who participated in numerous family gatherings. In fact, many refer to it as the bridge that has kept the current British royal family closely connected to the European one.

They are the other royal family, the relatives who may not be known in the UK nor in the world but who for generations participated in all the parties in houses or picnics at Balmoral, Sandrigham and elsewhere.

It was always at this time of year that the Duke traditionally invited many of his relatives to one of the most prominent events on the royal calendar: the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

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