The Colombian city Pereira is shocked by the attack that took place on Wednesday night at the César Gaviria viaduct against a group of people who carried out a peaceful sit-in, in which three young people were shot by unknown persons while they were aboard a vehicle.

Among them is Lucas Villa Vazquez, 37, who was a student of the Sports and Recreation Sciences program at the Technological University of Pereira (UTP), yoga instructor and therapist.

Martha Viviana de las Salas, Lucas’s aunt, said that her nephew is characterized by being a peaceful man “who had been addressing social problems from a cultural point of view, from love. He was a peaceful activist and was seen in all the demonstrations singing, dancing.

He was a happy man and with his speech trying to persuade about the social problems of the country, “Lucas’s relative told El Tiempo.

“He is a champion of social rights and could never be related to an act of vandalism or violence. On the contrary, he is a yoga instructor and coach in therapeutic orientation, he is always listening to people. He is a man consistent with his convictions and his actions”.

Hours before this story, Lucas had participated in the marches in the city, then he had boarded the buses of Pereira to explain to other citizens the reasons for the strike. Later, during the night, he was present with another group of protesters in a sector of the viaduct where they suffered the attack.

Minutes before they were attacked, they had received food and donations from the community that supports the strike. In addition, it should be noted that there were no blockades or clashes between Esmad and protesters in the area.

The medical part

The San Jorge de Pereira university hospital reported that Lucas He arrived with injuries from a firearm projectile to the skull, neck, thorax and lower right limb and, immediately, received the required medical attention.

“The patient was evaluated by the neurosurgery team, which diagnosed that due to the type of injury he was not a candidate for a surgical procedure and immediately went to multidisciplinary management in the ICU where he still remains in critical condition and a reserved prognosis.”

For 4 o’clock in the afternoon of this May 6, a candlelight in tribute to Lucas was scheduled at the obelisk of the Olaya Herrera de Pereira park.

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