Austria reported this Thursday of the presence in its territory of variant B.1.617 of the coronavirus, known as Indian strain. This mutation was confirmed in a positive PCR test in the Salzburg region, bordering German Bavaria.

According to the Austrian public television ORF, the case is related to a woman of Indian nationality, residing in Austria, who tested positive in a PCR test at the end of April, after returning from a trip to his country.

The “double mutant” B.1.617 was detected by sequencing the sample in the molecular cytology laboratory of the Salzburg University Hospital.

According to the regional government, the health authorities have been able to isolate the case well. Apart from three contact persons who are in preventive quarantine, there are no more infections suspected of carrying the Indian variant of the coronavirus on Austria.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this strain could be behind the serious worsening of the epidemiological situation in India, since in laboratory studies it shows signs of being more contagious and resistant to some vaccines and treatments.

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