The survival game Rust is getting a graphics upgrade.

The successful multiplayer shooter Rust is getting a very extensive update this month. In addition to bug fixes and some gameplay changes, the Graphics significantly improved become.

Rust should feel new and fresh after the update

The biggest innovation is the improvement in the graphics. The developers explain that they worked on it for several years and that Rust should feel different after the update as it gets a fresh look. There are currently no screenshots to illustrate this. However, according to the developers, these are really big graphical improvements.

“This is the culmination of the team’s work over the past couple of years. It improves the feel of the game a lot and we think gives it a fresh look.”

How the revised graphics are based the upcoming console version of the game is unknown. The version for PS4 and Xbox One comes on May 21.

Other changes in the update include:

  • The spawn of the monuments in the procedural worlds will be adjusted to provide a seamless transition between them.
  • The junkyard is being redesigned. Here you will find a crane that you can use to move vehicles into a shredder. This is how you get scrap as raw material.
  • Building is simplified. Bushes disappear when you build something where they grow. The bushes then reappear elsewhere.
  • There are a number of bug fixes, for example with the hitboxes.

When exactly the big May update for Rust will be released has not yet been determined. The developers want to reveal more about it soon. Then we might also see screenshots of the new graphic.

What is Rust anyway? Rust could be considered one Mixture of Minecraft and DayZ. The focus is on survival elements such as hunger, thirst and cold, as well as collecting raw materials and building a shelter.

It is important that you team up with other players. So it is possible to found fortified cities. But PvP also plays an important role. You always have to be careful and shouldn’t trust anyone.

Do you play Rust? What do you expect from the big May update?

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