Colombian who was in prison in China tells how sentences are lived in the Asian country

Colombian who was in prison in China tells how sentences are lived in the Asian country “there is abuse, there is psychological torture, and physical torture”

Colombians in prison in Dongguan are tortured 24 hours a day. It is a concentration camp for foreigners and Chinese”, told a Colombian who spent four years in a prison in China, and who just a few days ago finished his sentence and was able to return to Colombia.

The man, whose identity was kept secret by the newscast in order to guarantee his safety, told the media that his passage through a Chinese jail began in 2017, after being denounced for robbing a group of foreigners.

According to the Colombian told Noticia RCN, one night, while he was chatting in a disco, he had a fight with some foreign people. There, in the middle of the fight, one of them hit him with an iPad, so he, when trying to defend himself, also attacked the traveler with the technological device.

According to the man, once they stopped fighting, the foreigners reported him to the Chinese authorities as if he had robbed the group of people. For this reason, the young man was sentenced to four years in prison in the Asian country, where due to the difficult experience of mistreatment and torture that he had to live until 15 days ago, when he was released, according to the news report, he fell close to 30 kilos.

There is abuse. There is psychological torture and physical torture. If you don’t do what they tell you, they beat you”, the Colombian told the Bogota media, who added that in addition to having to endure this type of abuse during his stay in the Chinese prison, he also had to face the damage caused by tuberculosis, a disease he acquired while there.

However, despite the circumstances and the abuses he had to endure while in prison in China, the man told the newscast that he still maintained hope, knowing that his sentence had an expiration date, a very different situation for those who they were sentenced to death in the Asian country.

As the Colombian explained to RCN News, those who are sentenced to capital punishment have a worse time in Chinese prisons, since many of those prisoners while they wait for the day of their execution, they remain chained 24 hours a day in order to avoid taking their own lives. The man even reported that there are people who have to put helmets on their heads, as many of them hit against the prison walls in an attempt to kill themselves before their death sentence is served.

Make no mistake, not even the slightest, because in these communist countries they do not respect human rights, was the call of the young man in an interview with RCN News, for those people who are still imprisoned in the Asian country, and who hope that in the coming days President Iván Duque will sanction the treaty that gives way to the transfer of Colombians who have been convicted in the People’s Republic of China.

It should be remembered that the agreement signed by the two countries will allow persons deprived of liberty sentenced in both nations to finish paying their sentences in their home territories, as long as the requirements and conditions established in the regulations are met.

According to the Bogota news program, to date, there are 179 Colombian prisoners in China, of whom 25 have requested to be transferred to Colombia.

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