Rumors suggest that behind the cameras of the filming of the second season of ‘Toy Boy’ love could be emerging between the two.

The filming of the second season of ‘Toy Boy’ is setting off the alarms and not precisely because of the plot of the Netflix series but because of a new “chuleo” that could have emerged among the cast. Specifically between two of its protagonists, Maria Pedraza and Alex Gonzalez, the star signing of this new season.

There are several clues that both are leaving on social networks, which have aroused rumors of an alleged relationship between the two. This weekend, the actress shared on Instagram several photos of a day of sun and pool with her colleagues Juanjo Almeida and Álex González.

Some snapshots that attract attention by the shirt that the dancer is wearing in one of them, which Álex previously wore in one of his posts; as well as for the comments that both have dedicated to the photo.

Days before, both published photographs from the same sofa.

During the last months, after his break with Jaime Lorente, María Pedraza had been associated with the pilot Marc Márquez; while the handsome actor was caught with the influencer Rocio Camacho. Although there was nothing confirmed by either party, everything seems to indicate that behind the cameras of ‘Toy Boy’ love could emerge.

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