Bogotá: Driver shoots criminals who wanted to rob him and kills one of them

Bogotá: Driver shoots criminals who wanted to rob him and kills one of them

A man was the victim of a violent act of insecurity in the south of Bogotá in Colombia. Two criminals tried to rob him when he was moving around in his private vehicle, but he drew a gun, fired at them and killed one.

As reported by the media RCN Radio, the violent episode occurred around noon on Wednesday at the height of Carrera 30 with Calle 12 Sur. The subjects were cycling when they broke the driver’s glass to steal his things.

But the criminals did not count on the driver carrying a weapon. Immediately, he drew his pistol and fired at the criminals. One of them died at the scene. The operational commander of Security of the Police of Bogota, Wilford Méndez, revealed some details of this episode.

“Around noon there was an attempted theft in the highway corridor of Carrera 30 with Calle 12 Sur, with the modality of breaking glass”, declared Mendez. “They tried to rob a citizen who was carrying a weapon and shot at those who tried to rob him, killing one of them,” he added.

Wilford Méndez also assured that another of the criminals was captured by the community as a witness to the events. The others in the area escaped and the police are looking for them intensively. For the moment, the authorities are continuing with the investigation.

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