Who is “Dumbo”, the mysterious drug lord wanted for ruling drugs in the Mugica neighborhood of Villa Lugano

Who is “Dumbo”, the mysterious drug lord wanted for ruling drugs in the Mugica neighborhood of Villa Lugano

Those who spoke fear because the boss is on the loose. Multiple neighbors pointed out the reservoirs and the houses of transas to the City Police after the war exploded with gunshots in the Padre Mugica neighborhood of Villa Lugano, when on Wednesday night the gangs clashed on Avenida Castañares at 6600, the zero zone of the housing complex.

The neighbors themselves had had enough. After the drug traffickers shot a dog, they cut off the General Paz collector and they put up a barricade, with two days of protest that ended in arrests and repression. And when speaking, they risked their life.

The Buenos Aires rule for anyone who lives meters from the business of death is not to speak. That the neighborhood does not collaborate in the cause is the norm. Last night, the Mugica neighborhood broke the rules.

With a strike force and infantry personnel, The Buenos Aires Police under the orders of the prosecutor Celsa Ramírez hit the stalls 11, the building of the complex that is designated as one of the epicenters of the cocaine and base paste trade in the area.

Intelligence that Justice has speaks of a confluence: traffickers from Villa 21-24, from 1-11-14, from Pasillo Bermejo, a marketplace of ranches near the complex, all agitated in a new mix fighting for power.

For the past five years, several minor traffickers, mainly of Peruvian origin, they settled in the buildings to retail with handguns at their belts. There were some stronger than others: it came to the ears of the prosecutor Celsa Ramírez that elements that were part of the band of “Marcos” Estrada González, the historic boss of the 1-11-14, second lines that came to life with “Marcos” already sentenced to 24 years in prison, imprisoned and worn out. And among them, there is a haunting man, Raúl Martín Maylli Rivera, a native of Lima, part of the old story of Estrada González in Bajo Flores. His alias: “Dumbo”.

Yesterday precisely it was the “Dumbo” band that they went looking for. 44 points were raided, four bunkers were covered with metal plates, they found telephones and bullets, but “Dumbo” was not. He had had time to design a possible escape.

The truth is that Celsa Ramírez was investigating him months ago. Judicial sources assure that the prosecutor asked to raid the Mugica neighborhood on eight occasions, with magistrates such as Pablo Casas who registered the procedures. It was the criminal and misconduct judge José Beguelin who finally authorized the advance on the band of stalls 11.

The raids had been planned for the 26th of this month, however, the shooting on Monday night accelerated the situation. On Tuesday morning, Ramírez insisted with the request. Beguelín was on leave, subrogated by judge Natalia Ohman: the new magistrate took a day in authorizing orders that had already been studied.

On the other hand, he rejected a request for the arrest of Ramírez to arrest “Dumbo” himself. Today, the boss of stalls 11 has no formal arrest warrant.

The City Police yesterday in stalls 11.

The City Police yesterday in stalls 11.

In the Mugica neighborhood, they say that he is not “the only one” nor is he the supreme narco, that there are others, but that “Dumbo” it has greater power than the rest. Justice points him out for replicating Estrada’s business, with a system of trades and soldiers, of minors employed as bells.

Luis Ezequiel Álvarez, 23, his apparent second in command, was arrested by the City Police in October last year in Villa Lugano with a small arsenal and a stock of bags.

The old judicial story portrays him as a kind of hitman from Bajo Flores. Memory investigators remind him of the old cases of “Marcos” Estrada, before he was investigated by Federal Court No. 11: the name of Maylli Rivera not listed in the dozens of rulings and requirements product of the investigation to Estrada. In 2006, he asked to be transferred to a Lima jail, a request endorsed by the state.

“He is serving a sentence in Argentina for the crimes of homicide, aggravated unlawful deprivation of liberty and threats”, says a document from his country, which details how he was locked up in an Argentine federal prison.

Other judicial investigations reveal that he began to gain more relevance in the “Marcos” gang around 2017. They locate him near Fernando, alias “Pity”, Estrada’s brother, who inherited control of the business.

Then, supposedly, “Dumbo” broke the link and went to the stalls of the Mugica neighborhood, without an apparent owner, with small transas that rose and fell.

Then the trail of papers about “Dumbo” goes cold: it is not known for sure if he has a DNI or if he is an undocumented person, Justice has one that, checked with records, turns out to be that of a 13-year-old boy from Rio Negro.

"Marcos" Estrada González, capo of Bajo Flores.

“Marcos” Estrada González, capo of Bajo Flores.

There is also a match for the paternal surname. Anatolio Maylli Flores today is 70 years old, “El Viejo Cuadra” or “El Viejo Menem” nicknamed him. He was arrested in September 2012 at 1-11-14, his cell phone was hijacked, with incriminating content. He was part of a contingent, men from the old “Marcos” band, with names like Nelson Nike Huamanchumo or Jhon Paul Revilla Estrada.

Thus, he was convicted in 2014. Prison records reveal that Anatolio was in a federal prison between 2013 and 2015. Peruvian media revealed that he was arrested with an international arrest warrant back in his country in 2016, marked by Interpol. His relationship to “Dumbo” is not confirmed.

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