Victoria Tolosa Paz

Victoria Tolosa Paz on the defeat of the Government in the PASO: “Possibly the photo in Olivos influenced”

Victoria Tolosa Paz admitted that the defeat of the Frente de Todos was “overwhelming” throughout the country and made a harsh self-criticism. Photo: Martín Bonetto.

The candidate for deputy of the province of Buenos Aires said “the vote of the people throughout the country was clear and more than overwhelming.”

The candidate for national deputy for the Frente de Todos in the province of Buenos Aires Victoria Tolosa Paz admitted that “possibly the photo in Olivos” of President Alberto Fernández celebrating a birthday in a pandemic “influenced” the outcome of the PASO.

“When you see a result with such forcefulness, there must be a multiplicity of factors that make that vote of not accompanying the Government is expressed at the polls. Possibly the photo in Olivos influenced , as inflation influences, the loss of salary or not being able to recover thousands of jobs. There are many things that influence, I focus on what we can solve “. I consider.

And he added: ” We cannot solve the past and the mistakes we have made . We cannot go back in time. But we can change the toolbox that we use to transform people’s lives forwards .”

In statements to Radio Con Vos, Tolosa Paz also warned that what the polls said is that the electorate “does not” accompany them.

“The public tools that we can understand did not reach the depths of the homes. Yesterday they told us ‘ like this, no ‘. And this happened in each of the provinces so it is a reconstruction work in the making of very deep decisions “, sentenced.

During the interview, Tolosa Paz put a lot of emphasis on “so, no.” And he said that the vote of the people throughout the country  was clear and more than overwhelming .

“When I say ‘not like that’, it is to the personal relationships that we have within the Front, to the forms, to the tools we use, to communication … All that is’ like this, no ‘. And all those’ like that, they are not going to open a key to resolutions that we will have to give them, “she emphasized.

“All this is what is causing a crisis in our Front today throughout the country . I think we must have a capacity for greater humility at the reading level of what people told us,” she added.

“Last night (on Sunday) I heard the President take charge of the electoral defeat . And I think we all wanted to speak and put words to what was happening to us. But I think he put himself in the right place and faced it “, Tolosa Paz said.

And she argued: ” The defeat was practically throughout the country and he wanted to take the microphone to speak with all Argentines. We are the government in the nation and in the Province, we have to work. Beyond the elections, we have to work to give it a north to what people ask for and rebuild everyone’s life. You have to work. “

“It is clear that the expectations of that social contract that we signed 20 months ago of making ourselves responsible for solving problems for people, did not happen . Now we have to start working on what tools to apply to definitely transform that life to people who also trust in politics, “he admitted.

The provincial candidate was grateful to the percentage of people who came to vote in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and considered that “67% of the electorate vote” is a ” hopeful ” number .

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