A traffic inspector from the municipality of Moreno was arrested after shooting with police officers when he was intercepted while he was stealing his belongings from a woman together with an accomplice under the “motochorro” mode. Everything happened in the Buenos Aires town of Castelar, Morón district.

The event began this Friday, when troops from the 3rd police station of this jurisdiction in the west of Greater Buenos Aires that patrolled the area observed the criminal at the corner of Estanislao Zeballos and La Cautiva avenues, wanting to reduce the victim, who refused to hand over his personal belongings, while an accomplice was waiting for him a few steps away aboard a Honda Twister.

According to the police report, upon noticing the presence of the uniformed men, the motorcycle driver fled the scene, while his partner, who was armed, he ran away firing at the security agents.

For this reason, one of the policemen fired an intimidating shot at the ground with his service pistol and continued to pursue him on foot until he lost sight of him after a few blocks.

Minutes later, he entered a call to the 911 emergency system by a merchant in the area, who alerted about a man who had run into a food court located in Estanislao Zeballos and Del Libertador, about 200 meters from the place where the assault on the woman occurred, and with the physical characteristics of the “motochorro” sought.

Finally, a police cell phone arrived at that place and managed to apprehend the suspect, identified as Héctor Ricardo Kapp, 43 years old. The surprise was generated when the officers verified their personal data: the man worked as a traffic inspector for the municipality of Moreno.

A detainee in Castelar

Based on this fact, a case was opened for “clarification of aggravated robbery”, attack and resistance to authority “and” abuse of weapons and injuries “, which remained in the hands of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 6 of the Department. Judicial of Morón.

At the end of last April, also in this Buenos Aires party, a former Federal Police sergeant killed in the middle of a shooting a motorcycle jet who, together with an accomplice, tried to steal his truck. The retired cash, identified as Claudio F., 56, was unharmed, while the other assailant escaped on foot.

The incident occurred on a Saturday morning at the intersection of Intendente Abel Costa Street and Rivadavia Avenue. According to police sources, Claudio F. was traveling in his Fiat Toro pickup and was stopped at the traffic light on that corner when he was approached by the two thieves, who were traveling by motorcycle.

Both criminals were armed and one from each side approached to demand that the former member of the force get out and hand over the vehicle to them. But he refused to do so and identified himself as a policeman. Faced with this situation, the motorcycle jets began to shoot him while they were backing toward his motorcycle, according to spokesmen.

The former uniformed man repelled the attack with his personal Glock 17 pistol. The assailants got on the car and escaped. However, about 300 meters away, at the intersection of Domingo French and Manuel de Sarratea streets, one of them – who was driving the motorcycle – fainted and fell, affected by a gunshot to the thorax. He died before the ambulance arrived to assist him.

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