The story behind the arrest of one of the 10 most wanted women in Argentina

The story behind the arrest of one of the 10 most wanted women in Argentina

After intelligence tasks, agents of the DDI of La Plata found Quimey Kaiane Gazal, 25, one of the 10 most wanted women in the country, when she was going aboard a Ford Ka to a shopping center in the Buenos Aires town of Monte Grande, Esteban Echeverría party.

The prosecutor Cristian Citterio, holder of the UFI Nº20 of General Alvear, was on his trail since 2019 and had issued two red alerts from Interpol because he feared the woman would flee the country.

However, Gazal settled in the housing complex known as Coca-Cola neighborhood, near where she was arrested, and he was circulating through the southern suburbs with a false identity.

For Justice, the history of Gazal is complex. The woman is accused of belonging to a gang that carried out scams to retirees known as “uncle’s story” in several cities of the country.

The crimes she is charged with are various: fraud, aggravated cover-up, theft, illicit association and illegal possession of firearms.

Thus, for the investigators, in an investigation that had the support of the attorney general of the Department of Azul, the role that women had within the organization, made up of at least 10 members, was central.

Gazal, according to sources, was supposedly in charge of making the introductory call to the victims. He generated trust by posing as a close relative with the story that they needed to change the money they had saved so that it would not lose value in the face of an imminent supposed devaluation.

The gang first appeared on the detectives’ radar in February 2019, when one of the victims reported that they had robbed him under this modality in the Buenos Aires town of General Alvear. The complaint fell to the Citterio prosecutor’s office, who initiated an investigation.

At that moment, investigators began receiving information and found out that the gang had carried out at least seven scams of this type and had taken millionaire loot.

Thus, after cross-linking of calls, intelligence tasks and street data, 10 members of the organization were identified: eight men and two women, including Gazal. Some of these members were detained in different Buenos Aires penitentiary units. Even, among the suspects, was the alleged leader: Jonathan Ezequiel Ardito, 36 years old.

In April 2019, Ardito was the first arrested along with part of the gang. Then the investigation continued and 25 raids were carried out, where the rest of the members. One of them was arrested in the province of San Juan and another of the suspects in Puerto Madryn.

Is that, according to the investigation against him, the gang committed scams all over the country: from the cities of Azul, Tapalqué, Tandil, Balcarce, Gonzales Chaves, Tres Arroyos, Coronel Pringles and Quilmes. As also in the provinces of Santa Fe, La Pampa, Neuquén, Chubut and Río Negro.

In those first operations, the troops kidnapped more than half a million pesos, computers, chips, cell phones and notes with armed dialogues to commit the scams. Thus they discovered that the maneuver after the robberies was to buy high-end cars. Some of these managed to be seized in the raids.

However, Gazal still had to be caught. Thus, the prosecutor Citterio issued two Red Alerts from Interpol to prevent the suspect from escaping. And he did not run away.

The woman moved for more than two years with a false identification for the Buenos Aires suburbs until yesterday, when she was detained by the La Plata DDI agents while on her way to a shopping mall in Monte Grande.

Once she was arrested, she was sent to a cell waiting for the prosecutor Citterio to call her to provide her investigative statement.

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