Sergio Massa supported the president in Almirante Brown

Sergio Massa Announced That There Will Be New Universities in the Province

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, said that a law will soon be enacted to enable the creation of institutions.

Within the framework of the presentation of works from Almirante Brown, the president of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, Sergio Massa , highlighted the work carried out by the Government in public works and announced that a law is about to come out that creates five new universities in the province of Buenos Aires .

“It is a joy to see this, to see this road transformed into an avenue, it is one more step in the dreams and objectives of the community. I see the work of all the mayors and I see the work of every day in every corner of our province and country to be better every day ”, he stressed.

In this context, he stressed that “the effort of mayors, ministers and the governor has to do with humility at work”, which allows “to listen to what they ask of us in each neighborhood, each of the messages that they send us. society and work, correct, straighten and accelerate a path that we began to travel two years ago ”.

In this sense, Massa raised three pillars that are based on management: public works, work and education . In addition, he thanked those who accompanied the Frente de Todos with their vote and stated that “we are going to get up again and move forward to continue accompanying a president who, despite the crisis and the pandemic, decided that Argentina should be foot”.

Regarding the first axis, Massa stressed that it is one of the ways of generating employment, and that “each peso that we stop paying debt is a square meter of pavement, housing, sewer, so when the renegotiation was faced, it was released in the budget much of what is carried out in public works ” .

In the second pillar, he affirmed that it is the joint challenge of the State with capital and labor, which he highlighted as “the engine of wealth generation, of our internal market, as an instrument of upward social mobility based on our efforts” and stressed that, for the government, “work is a priority.”

Finally, he pointed out about education and highlighted the advances in the Almirante Brown University and assured that “the future depends on a public education, free, of quality and with technology” so that “we are convinced that the children of workers have to go to university that’s why we bring them closer ” .

“To continue creating universities is an objective that the president set for us and a law that creates five new universities in the province of Buenos Aires is very close to being enacted , ” he concluded.

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