Sergio Lapegüe's Selfie in Intensive care:

Sergio Lapegüe’s Selfie in Intensive care: “It’s a strong fight in the middle of the ring, whoever manages to breathe wins”

“Hello dear friends, I am studying the 17th day of hospitalization. Today I feel better that is why I take this time to write to everyone who is so generous always with me and my family ”, began Sergio Lapegüe with his message, along with a selfie From the intensive care room in the Temperley sanatorium where he has been hospitalized for two weeks for a complication in his coronavirus picture, since being asthmatic he is considered a risk patient.

After having undergone a plasma treatment and having received oxygen through different systems, the journalist said that he is in better spirits, although he admitted that he is living ato “nightmare”. However, he does not lower his arms and promised his children Micaela and Elvis and his wife, Bochi, “an endless hug.”

“Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined living this nightmare. They all tell me I have to be strong. That I will be able to. I thank you for helping me a lot. Those who encourage, those who pray, those who think, those who call. I know there are thousands. Thanks from my heart. Because here in this intensive care bed with all the cares, everyone’s wishes are multiplied by hundreds and they always come to shore up when the downturn appears ”, he wrote.

In addition, although she is a positive person, she admitted that many times it is difficult for her to maintain that energy.ía: “The optimist by nature sometimes cannot always be. And I admit it. Life here is like that. I can not go down. I can’t make sudden movements simply because my lungs can feel it. “

The photo that Sergio Lapegüe shared of his children Elvis and Micaela and his wife, Bochi (IG: @sergiolapegue)

The photo that Sergio Lapegüe shared of his children Elvis and Micaela and his wife, Bochi. 

“And now (the lungs) are dominated and driven by COVID. Just for now. Yes, he is in control, but I am in control of my mind. It’s a strong fight in the middle of the ring. He who manages to breathe wins. ANDHe who knows how to dodge blows in the long run ends up winning. That is why my message is to all the friends who ask and for obvious reasons I cannot answer. Now that I was able to grab the cell phone, I tell them that I’m fighting until the end, ”he said.

Then, he closed referring to the image he shared of him in the therapy room, full of cables and raising his hands: “This is the day to day. This photo is my attitude. Here I am with a high flow oxygen cannula. Everything is new. My life will be different. Learning to breathe will be my great challenge. For now, with oxygen, which is my most precious ally, and with the affection of my family and all the medical staff at Juncal (clinic). Thank you, soon the hug will be endless ”.

A few days ago, Bochi, the driver’s wife, confirmed to Teleshow that he was better: “He has no fever, that is very good, he continues with oxygen treatment by high flow cannula alternating with the Helmet helmet. His spirits improved a lot, I think that is essential to trust that he will succeed ”.

A few days ago the same driver had uploaded a video from the hospital to his social networks, after they put a Helmet on him to improve his oxygenation. “I’m going to breathe again. I’m going to breathe again. I’m going to be the one from before. Almost there. Is very close. Thank you all for the messages! From the heart Thank you all. It is not easy, but it is not impossible either, “he said. Sergio Lapegüe in a video that uploaded.

“You have to put this a lot (pointing to his heart). A lot of medicine, a lot of love, a lot of head. Thanks for being. Twelve days in the hospital. Now in therapy. I just grabbed the cell to leave this ‘my attitude’. We are fighting it together with the medical team. You just have to have patience and faith. I pray every day … Thank you and more thanks for all the messages of encouragement and prayers. I assure you it arrives. Everything comes. I love. Less is missing. The virus is very strong but together we are more ”, he had counted.

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