La Plata: A man killed two thieves with an ax and a dumbbell who entered to rob his field

La Plata: A man killed two thieves with an ax and a dumbbell who entered to rob his field

Sunday night, two thieves were beaten to death with an ax and a weight by the owner of a field in the town of Ángel Etcheverry, in the party of La Plata.

The brutal episode occurred this Sunday around 8pm, when Javier Horacio Gabutti, 48, returned to the field located on Provincial Route 2, at kilometer 63, and was surprised by a young man who pointed a gun at his head and forced him to enter the house, where two assailants had reduced his wife in one of the rooms and tied their three children with seals 17, 20 and 23 years old.

According to the first information about the event, at that time his 20-year-old son was confronted with one of the robbers and hit him over the head with a dumbbell, knocking him unconscious.

Before I take the hit and fade away the thief fired three times and one of the bullets hit Gabutti’s body.

While the other assailant tried to flee, the man and his son caught him and also wounded him in the abdomen with an ax. When the police arrived, who had been alerted by the assaulted family through a 911 call, lThe two criminals were dead.

The homeowner had a bleeding wound on his leg, where the bullet hit, and his son suffered a cut to his face, but both are out of danger.

On the spot, the Buenos Aires Police officers and La Plata DDI personnel they seized a .38 caliber revolver and a 9 mm pistol, cash and two cell phones, as well as the weight and the ax with which the assailants were wounded.

The prosecutor Ana Medina, in charge of the UFI N ° 1 of La Plata, investigates the event labeled so far as a double homicide on the occasion of robbery and although so far no temperament was available on the man, ordered the performance of dermotests to identify the shooters.

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